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Lisa Johnson

Partner specialised in labor law

Complicated problems can be hard to solve, but they are addressable with the right mix of work ethic, resolve, and legal expertise. My clients can trust that their business is being handled with a strategic approach, tailored to their unique needs, that delivers them a win-win solution every time


Lisa Johnson is a native London who is driven to find the best legal solution for clients in the local and regional community. Ms. Lisa assists clients regarding commercial litigation, employment, and intellectual property matters. She counsels clients across a wide range of business needs, including litigation strategy, discovery, and motion practice. In addition, Jessica has experience advising on employment contracts and discrimination cases.

Clients also appreciate the general business insights she provides from working as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge Shawn C. Mahan, U.K. District Court for the District of Whitechapel.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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